Energy Related Strategies
MLPs & Energy

Duff & Phelps was founded in 1932 as a fundamental research firm analyzing the utility sector, the birthplace of many of today’s master limited partnerships (MLPs).  As a large investor in MLPs, our dedicated MLP team focuses on midstream MLPs and general partners (GPs), as we believe these companies offer good prospects for attractive risk-adjusted total returns.  Important characteristics we value include visible distribution growth, low commodity exposure and geographic footprints in multiple basins.  Our two portfolio managers, who have over 50 years of combined investment experience, rely heavily on our dedicated MLP analyst team.  Ongoing discussions (both informally and formally through scheduled weekly meetings) on key themes and investment ideas are the norm and are aimed at identifying new opportunities and serving as a constant check of our assumptions. Field research, extensive management interaction and asset-level company modeling are hallmarks of our Investment process.  We develop extensive cash flow models that allow us to dynamically forecast the financial metrics we believe are most important in evaluating MLPs and GPs.  Combining this fundamental analysis with an in-depth qualitative ranking system allows us to construct a concentrated MLP portfolio featuring high-quality midstream assets with strong distribution growth.


Subadvised Capabilities

Our strategies are designed to deliver on their goals. We designed our investment strategies to meet the needs of different investors. As one of the investment managers within the Virtus Investment Partners network, our strategies are offered to indviduals in the retail market via open-end mutual funds. For many investors, mutual funds offer a great balance between professional money management and ease of use.

For information regarding open end mutual funds utilizing Duff & Phelps strategies, please visit the Virtus Website.


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