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At Duff & Phelps we pursue a limited number of highly targeted investment strategies with exceptional depth of resources, expertise and intellectual rigor.

In this way, we leverage the substance, perspective and culture of a respected and established fundamental research boutique to meet the needs of investors for focused and effective investment management services.

It’s a dynamic process but, for us, nothing new. Since our earliest beginnings, providing vital research and analysis of utility company securities to Depression-era investors, our attention has been squarely set on identifying attractive opportunities and strategies, while effectively managing the risks of investing in income-producing securities.

Today, with our analysts and portfolio managers building on our distingushed legacy, Duff & Phelps has earned a reputation as a leader in investing in Global Listed Infrastructure, Global Real Estate, MLPs & Energy, International Equity, and in developing and managing investment solutions for specialized clients, including nuclear decommissioning trusts. Above all, Duff & Phelps is known and valued for consistency – in approach, in results, in the long and productive tenures of investment professionals and in our commitment to meeting clients’ goals and interests over all others.

Our strategies are also used in sub-advisory relationships with Virtus Investment Partners. Their website contains more information on these products.

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